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Revive action house rules?

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I haven't played the game yet (just came in the mail!) but I watched a video the other day where a particular hero was revived no less than five times in a single encounter. Isn't this a bit much? Or does it work well in the game? As an Imperial Assault player when my hero is wounded and reaches the max damage a second time my hero is defeated and removed. No reviving. Done. Any fixes for this, or nothing to worry about?

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First off, congratulations on getting a very good game!

Nowadays, my group at most has a single hero die two or three times per quest. Even then, that’s rare- on average two heroes die once in our games.

My recommendation would be your last sentence- not to worry too much, give it a spin and see how it goes. Bear in mind that early matches may seem lopsided, because the hero roles and the Overlord role are radically different and learning curves differ from player to player. (Our OL [me] seemed impossible to beat for several quests.)

The problem of one hero getting killed repeatedly happened a lot in our first dozen games. Once we began to get better (and rotate the OL role) we arrived at the average of only of couple of deaths per quest. Imbalanced quests do exist, though.

I hope you have fun with the game!

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