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Ya I love the card art as well, as I've said in other threads, I much prefer this style over the more cartoony Terrinoth approach. I think people need to realize that FFG's mini's have come a long way as well. From what we saw in the early days of Descent 2.0 to what we get now is night and day, these will be top notch minis that are very fun to paint.

We just need a guide to paint them now... help us Obi-Wan @Sorastro , you're our only hope!

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Agreeing on the card art - it does have the wow factor (I like that Terrinoth's started to head down a more realism route too, for me it brings things to life more as it looks more real than overly cartoony art, Terrinoth seems to be a happy place in the middle for me now, a sort of more realistic than before serious cartoonish style- so I'm liking the newer Terrinoth art sometimes more than the old)

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