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What previously spoiled ship are you most looking forward to?

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I like being different and tend to go for less popular choices, so I'm def...


Desperate to get my hands on the Delta's. Anyone wanna buy some V-19s?

Although I'm also very interested in the ARC. Would happily get the Anakin Aethersprite, the ARC and nothing else. 2x ARC + a Jedi can't be anything but awesome.

Plus there might be something in there to jazz up my old ARC for the other team.

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4 hours ago, SpiderMana said:

B-Wings that don't hit as hard and don't have shields. While I'm looking forward to swarming them a bit, they are getting a tad outshined by Vultures.

But they're also B-Wings that'll probably come in around 24-26 points.  While they don't fly well, they'll be almost impossible to one-shot.  Maybe excessive strings of crits, but with 5 HP, they'll probably last an extra attack in a lot of games. They're also one of very few swarm-type ships which has a linked action.  BR > Evade isn't the best, but it'll help them not-die more than other swarmers.

Vulture Droids, for all their tricks, seem like they'll die really easy.  I mean, even Z-95s feel like they can go in a single attack.


Also, on the topic of Republic ARC-170: one thing which is nice it that, because it has the same dial and same ship name as the Rebel ARC, one Republic ARC expansion could support extra ARCs, if you have the Rebel Conversion Kit.

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