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Dice lord

Intro Decks Play Guidance

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You can find the contents of the intro decks:

I have not played them but looking at the decklist I think:

  • the Stark on plays aggro, focusing on military challenge kill with Ice, winter is coming and put to the sword.
  • the Lannister one on Intrigue, with big Cercei, tears and Casterly rock
  • the Greyjoy one seems to focus on pillage (core Euron, big Asha, Tris Botley), with a splice of kill
  • the Tyrell seems to focus on strength buffs and a lot of renown
  • the Night's Watch deck seems to be all about defending the wall
  • the Baratheon deck want to win dominance and do tricks with that.
  • the Martell deck is a bit unfocussed, half icon removal and some "win by losing" effects
  • the Targaryen one focusses on core Dany with her dragons supported by some burn

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