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Smoke Bomb Stats

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One of my players wanted to be stealthy and make smoke bombs. Here's what I whipped up on the spot. Give me any feedback on balancing it. 

Smoke Bomb
Encumbrance 1
Price 50
Rarity 3
Concealment 1 

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There is a smokebomb vial page 103 in realms of terrinoth

Skipping the fluff the Rules part says

As a maneuver, a character can throw a smokebomb vial at a 
point within short range. Upon impact, the vial shatters to cre-
ate a thick smoke screen large enough to conceal a single char-
acter and other characters engaged with the target. The smoke 
screen provides concealment worth +2 dice (see the Conceal-
ment section on page 110 of the Genesys Core Rulebook).


IT is encum 0 price 25 rarety 4

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