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Epic 2019, hit the road, jack

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Happy 2019. Perhaps some people remembers my little smiling head.

First of all, glad to read about new expacs and game modes. We choose to not update to 2.0, and continue playing our monthly Team Play Cinematic Show. 

Many people around us sold their Huge Ships, so now we can field hordes of this kind of ships. Now I own 5 GR 75s and 4 C ROCS. One GR 75 customized with Quad Laser Turrets, and one C ROC as a "Kaiser's Pirate Raider" with pop up heavy guns. 

Added a few new 2.0 named pilots to our beloved games. And continue evolving the game, adding new options. AAA turrets, SAM sites and bomb runs are fun as ****.

We continue combining X Wing and Legion, but slowly...we want MORE legión stuff. 

Breaking my head against a wall trying to write clear and fun rules to add "3D" action. Diving... Climbing... Not easy. Realism vs Playability.


Love this game. 


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