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Kunitzu San

Impressions of Masks of Nyarlathotep?

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Greetings Investigators,

I was curious to know if anyone has played through Masks of Nyarlathotep expansion and had any impressions of it. I have only really bought the small box expansions, but Masks seems to have a cool enough premise that his my interest piqued. I love EH, as it's been my gateway game into Fantasy Flight, and I am always interested to see in what ways the game has changed and grown.

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Hey there happy new year. For me, MoN was a big failed opportunity.  I wrote a review on boardgamegeek that summarises my personal feelings on it, but bottom line:

1) the “campaign mode” is lazy - check out the pdf of the rules if you want, it barely fills a page. I’ve seen better examples of campaign mode on these and BGG’s boards.

2) the “resources” mechanic, while not completely useless, leads to way easier games and way more bloat. Could have just redefined Focus if you wanted.

3) the new investigators are interesting but about half have abilities relating to resources, meaning if you don’t want to use resources in the game (like we don’t, and read of some others who feel the same way), you have to forget using those investigators or houserule the heck out of them.

4) Both AOs are ok, Nylar less than A., and the one good thug of this expansion is A is great 

5) some cards are interesting. 

This is a small box - at best - packaged and priced as a big box. 

The few good things (AO, a few cards) are vastly outweighed by the bad or bloated things (everything else).

Honestly I’d look at another big box theme that you like if you want a new fix and make up your own campaign mode. 

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