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Kaptin Krunch

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1 hour ago, Scum4Life said:

So can anyone confirm that we will actually get new points tommorrow?

I can verify that both Brian Keilen and Matt Holland have told us so over the unofficial online community organizers’ private Discord chat with them in the big X-Wing server that’s pinned at the top of these forums and given us permission to spread the information they tell us there to the community at large.

Unfortunately they have told us that they would rather not disperse information to the Discord community directly precisely because of the number of people who would @ or private message them as a result, so you’re just going to have to take my word for it. For the record Dion Morales and Ryan Farmer are in that chat too so if you don’t believe me you could probably ask them and they’d back up the story, I understand they have more community cred than I ;) 

For the record, we’ve asked them before if there’s another way to cross the streams so to speak but it would appear that Discord is the best platform for them to share this kind of stuff at all, and if it weren’t for Discord we would have any of this sort of information (past points updates haven’t been announced at all). 

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1 minute ago, Managarmr said:

Urgh. July. So, up to 32 days away.

Yeah I mean I was all ready for "Postponed to tomorrow" but this is a total swing and a miss.

We didn't have to wait this long when the Demo-2 mission got delayed, and that's literally hurtling humans into outer space.

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