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Resistance XXXx: three and a half X-wings

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Anybody flown the list in the last month? I must admit I got kinda tired of it and now only use it for tournament play. 

But I have been thinking about expanding to a smaller Resistance swarm. 



Cova with R4, Pattern Analyzer


Finn with Heroic

Everyone has some way to modify dice and the initiatives synergise. 

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Testing this right now:

Test 6 Ext

(36) Nodin Chavdri [Resistance Transport]
(2) R4 Astromech
(6) Korr Sella
(4) Larma D'Acy
Points: 48

(29) Finn [Resistance Transport Pod]
(8) Perceptive Copilot
(1) Heroic
(4) Advanced Optics
Points: 42

(48) Lieutenant Bastian [T-70 X-wing]
(0) Integrated S-foils
(13) Proton Torpedoes
Points: 61

(49) Jaycris Tubbs [T-70 X-wing]
(0) Integrated S-foils
Points: 49

Total points: 200

Any comments will be welcomed

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