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Pod Vs Ebon 1000 points

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TLDR-  Convincing Empire Win, Pryce/Quasar packing 6 activations including Boba/morna/maarek/rymer/Bossk/Jendon scores last first on Ebons Liberty, Downing the ship, but crucially splitting the rebel lines and causing an overload on one flank , 2 Isd and 2 arquittens Vs admo and a mc75, which fell in turn 3.

On the other flank, Foresight was ruined by demolisher, and my ex rack raiders with opening salvo got the better of his corvettes and made a beeline to block in his mc80 as the entirety of my list minus the quasar bore down upon the lone rebel flagship it was already game over...



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5 hours ago, BrobaFett said:

Glory to the Emperor. 

Makes me wanna do another big one. Maybe someday we do it in vassal again?

Lets, I have zero appetite for anything south of 1000 at the moment! 

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