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Imperial Advisor has been producing content about the LCG since FFG gave us the first few details in May 2017. Since then we've reviewed cards, covered events, interviewed developers and writers, wrote about strategy, and generally had fun talking about the game.

Our articles appear on the Imperial Advisor website, our videos appear on YouTube, and you can find our podcast on SoundCloud or iTunes. We record every second Thursday on Twitch TV at 19:00 GMT or 14:00 EST where you can ask us questions live.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.


Episode 42, our review of the cards so far previewed for Children of the Empire is up on YouTube and the pods.

Our most recent articles are for brand new players 

- Baz

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Really enjoy the pack reviews, I hope you get around to doingUnderhand of the Emperor. Even if it's after Children, it would still have value since all cards are valued vs the meta. 


Keep up the good work and thank you for the content  :)

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