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Murder in the Mist {MAFIA}

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Vaisha’s Despair looms over the surrounding jungle canopy, a stark peak unparalleled in height anywhere on Dathomir.  When the rainy season begins each year, a carefully selected procession of Nightsisters makes the trek to the top, braving uncommon flora and fauna as well as the grueling climb.  For at the summit, briefly, the spirit world opens with perfect clarity to one lucky witch of the procession.  Those chosen come away with obscure knowledge, strange intuitions and a broader view of the galaxy — or they come away broken beyond repair.


This Mafia game will have no observers.  As all children of Dathomir know, the spirits look keenly upon the world of the living, and carry influence beyond the grave.


11 to play.  Anyone who wants to join is welcome.  Self voting is not permitted, nor can a harmful action be used on oneself.

Signups are not yet closed.

Signed up:

1. clontroper5

2. LTD

3. GhostofNobodyinParticular

4. Matt3412

5. EbonHawk

6. Madaghmire

7. PodRacer

8. Bertie Wooster

9. TheCallum

10. Lord Preyer

11. Caldias

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Take ***, kick names

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@Constantine Valdor





@Bertie Wooster

No doubt someone’s been forgotten...

I doubt you can do two mafia games at once, but of course you are welcome @PodRacer, @EbonHawk, and @Lord Preyer.

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As signups continue, let's talk about death.


Upon dying, you will enter a shadowy Google Doc known as the Spirit World.  Collectively, everyone in the Spirit World has one total "real" vote; its use is immediately determined once a majority is reached.  Some spirits have roles too.  Here they are:

Dominating Presence (possesses target player to control all non-lethal actions for 1 day or night, 1-shot)

Lingering Presence (overrides the spirit vote, 1-shot)

Mist Wraith (silences and roleblocks a spirit for 1 day or night, 1-shot)

Night Maker (can cause a second round of night actions, 1-shot)

Vengeful Specter (changes alignment upon death)

Tourist (resurrects as a vanilla player of their previous faction upon death of a predetermined player)

Departed Sister (can communicate with a predetermined town player)


Some or all of these roles will be used.  With the exception of Departed Sister and Night Maker (town only), they can belong to any faction.  Scum maintains communication with the living via scumchat, but faction changers do not gain it, merely a list of their scummy brethren.


In addition to roles you know and recognize, there are a couple new roles for the living as well.  Here they are:

Spirit Walker (can communicate with the Departed Sister)

Shaman (can protect up to two players each night, cannot self protect, no consecutive protection)

Mist Maker (can prevent all non-lethal action for 1 night, 1-shot)

Bloodseer (upon killing a night action role, gains an immediate rolecop scan)


Some or all of these roles will be used.  With the exception of Spirit Walker (town only), they can belong to any faction.

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