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Bayushi Shunsuke

[Ruling] New Duel template

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Just now, Bayushi Shunsuke said:

If I read the new RRG correctly, duels using the new templating follow step D.1 Initiate a Duel, while older templating goes straight to Resolve the Duel (ignoring the D.1 block above it)..
Then, both ways use D.2 and beyond.
Is this correct?

“Classic” duels enter the duel framework chart at D.2 and follow the steps of “resolving the duel.” As the targeting for those duels don’t use the phrase “Initiate a duel,” they do not use step D.1 which applies the conditions upon which characters can be involved in a duel.

[Tyler Parrott: December 27, 2018]

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