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Please explain "search ... for a card"

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Hi all

A number of cards (e.g. Agasha Swordsmith and Secret Cache) state that you can search your conflict deck for a card. When you are only allowed to search for a specific card type, like an attachment in the case of Agasha Swordsmith, there is no problem. However, when you search for "a card" like in the case of Secret Cache:

1. Do you need to declare, before searching, the specific card you are looking for?

2. Or alternatively, is no prior declaration required, you get to look at those cards, take any one that you like and put it into your hand?

What are your thoughts? What are the rule references, if any?


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See https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/15/d4/15d4c95f-fdce-4208-a297-75d1035ae6e3/l5c01-online_rulesreference_v17-compressed.pdf

Page 16

You might have gotten this answer, but the short answer is that you are searching for "A Card".  For example, Secret Cache has you search the top 5.  There are 5 cards on top of your deck, you found "A card" (or 5)!  If you find something other than a card, let us know!

Tongue in cheek aside, it would say if it required you to say "Name a card, search for the named card in the top X cards..." for #1 to be relevant.

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