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Rey Poe

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Since release of Resistance, i have really tried to make Rey/Poe work.
Current Version looks something like this.

Rose Tico, Finn, Inertial Dampeners, Rey's Millenium Falcon, 105 pts total.

Debris Gambit, BB-Astromech, Integrated S-Foils, Primed Thrusters, Black One, Proton Torpedos, 94 pts total.

The main idea is to brawl with rey, come in with poe and launch a proton torpedo early and even the odds by removing a ship from as soon as possible.
It's a unforgiving list and if you end up in a tight spot with Rey, she's gonna have a hard time, but anything in her front arc will have an equally hard time.

Posting this to see if anyone else have tried it, or if anyone have any tips or ideas about it i would happily take it.





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I think that's a strong and stable falcon build for Rey, though I'm not convinced it's as good as Han with Rey gunner.

I'm not sure about Poe with Debris Gambit, though it is an interesting idea ... and one I think I'd need to see on the table.  I may give it a blast sometime in the new year!

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While I can't decide if Han or Rey is better with Finn and Rose (plus Heroic in Han's case), they are both definitely good with it, I firmly believe Han is better that way than with Rey Gunner.

That was something of a tangent...

To Rey/Poe!


Rey (Title, Rose, Finn, Contraband Cybers (if extended)/Inertial Dampeners (if hyperspace))

Poe (Title, Ferrosphere Paint, Heroic, R4, S-Foils, ProTorps)


Very minimal changes. Obviously I really like your Rey build, but I do believe that ContraCybers is super good on her to keep her full mods going every time. As for Poe, I just really don't think 14 points is worth it for what BB/PT gives you. With R4, you can just turn a LOT easier, and with Ferrosphere, he becomes an increasingly unappealing target.

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