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Rogue Trader: In Details

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Hello guys, my name is Eugene and I'm also playing Rogue Trader!


Now to the topic at hand: after some years of playing Rogue Trader and getting wonderfull insights and tips from you guys and this forum I would like to share some details and vision from my and my GM experience. I hope everyone will agree that rules are often keeps a lot of details on acquisition, combat, powers, etc.. up to GM's (or possibly for players and GM's to have a little bit of philosphical arguing in this parts of rules).


My GM at one hand who knows all the set of rules for WH universe and knows the fluff and me on other as fan of the WH universe, open world games and having a work of creating systems debated on many topics of Rogue Trader trying to fill out some details from descriptions, rules, knowledge of the universe and common sense and logic. So, I would like to create a series of articles on different Rogue Trader details.


Why Rogue Trader: This is WH system with most open world experience from single missions and explore reaches to building fleets, colonies, armies and politics.

What's the goal: To return experience to this great community, share the vision and would be wonderfull to help someone to answer same questions we already discussed.

What topics: Acquisition (Personal items), Warp Navigation, Psychic Powers (+Psychic vs Psychic interaction), Navigator Powers, Starship Combat, Ground Battles (fully detailed + synch with starship fleet and rules to adapt any unit from any movie or game).


Each topic I will link to this page. Please, share your suggestions and expectations for what would be interesting for you first here.

Acquisition (Personal and Corporate)

Psychic Powers

Navigation and Navigator Powers

Ground Wars Part 1: Extended Units Classification

Ground Wars Part 2: General rules, orders and narrative usage

Ground Wars Part 3: Transportation and Acquisition



Thank you all and kind regards.

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