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Resolving a conflict using "SUPERB"

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I am posting this here since so many people I know are confused with the timing of what to do when resolving a conflict. I like to use the word "SUPERB" to help alleviate those questions.

S stands for Skill. Add up total skill (plus favor) to see if you won the conflict.

U stands for Undefended. The opponent loses 1 honor if the province has no defenders at this point.

P stands for Province. If you have enough to win and break the province, the province is broken and any reactions on the province resolve.

E stands for Element. If you won the conflict, you may use the effect of the chosen Ring.

R stands for Ring. If you won the conflict, now you claim the ring and any effects of claiming a ring resolves.

B stands for Bow and go home.  The conflict has ended. Bow all participating characters and move them home.


I hope this helps people when figuring out when cards trigger during conflict resolution.


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