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"Dark Side" Force Powers?

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I know that, flavor-wise, force powers with a requirement of "Dark Side" are limited to the "bad guys"... but is there a specific, in-game ruling that defines what constitutes "Dark Side" as a restriction?  Is it based off of factions?  Characters?  The direction the wind is blowing that day?  Looking for an actual rule somewhere, not just a "thematic" answer. :D

(As it stands, explicitly ruled as written, the only card that allows this to be used appears to be the Maul, the Scum crewman.  Since there's no other ship that has a "Dark Side" keyword, or other definition of what it means.  And even then, only on four potential ships:  Kanan Jarrus, both Ezra Bridgers, and Asajj Ventress)


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