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Newbie questions

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I've played three games now and have a few questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to and I am hoping this forum can help me out.  

1. If the speaker plays an action card that doesn't let him vote on an agenda in an effort to predict the outcome and everyone abstains from voting what happens?  Does the card just get discarded or does the speaker (even though he played the card to not vote) still get to decide the outcome since it was a tie?

2. On a component action such as with the Yssaril or Muaat that allows them to burn an action card or play a strategy pool token to place a destroyer by war sun, can that ability be used only once per round or multiple times in a round?

3. The FAQ talks about always having to pay for units produced, but when the Muaat can place either a destroyer or 2 fighters next to the war sun by spending a token from command pool do they have to burn resources for that or is the command token considered paying for them?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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1. The speaker still breaks ties, even if they can't otherwise vote

2. These abilities can be used multiple times in a round as long as you can pay for them. I'd add that a command counter is far more valuable than a destroyer, so use this sparingly.

3. The command counter is the payment.

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To expand on #3:

The key is, as always when it comes to TI, in the wording. When you Produce a unit you need to spend the necessary resources by exhausting planets or relinquishing trade goods. When you Place a unit there is no additional payment necessary.

In this case the Muaat pay a Command Counter to gain the ability to Place said unit(s).

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After a few more games a few other questions have come up I would like to run by the community.

1- Agenda card: Minister of Peace- Can that card only be played to help another player and not the owner of the card?  

The card says, "After a player activates a system that contains 1 or more of a different player's units, the owner of this card may discard this card; immediately end the active player's turn."  

So if that different player a different player than the one activating the system or a different player than the one owning the card?

2- Agenda card: Miscount Disclosed which says "Vote on the elected law as if it were just revealed from the top of the deck." 

With that revote does everyone get one vote or do we treat it like a new law and use remaining influence to for "For" or "Against"

3- I'm pretty sure on this one but it a couple in my group see it different.  Tech Dacxive animators where you get a dude if you win a ground combat.  You have to actually fight in order gain a infantry, and you don't get one if you simply take over a open planet controlled by another player?

Thanks for your help!!

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16 minutes ago, cond1024 said:

1- Agenda card: Minister of Peace-

I am assuming this is an "Elect Player" agenda, and the elected player gets the card to hang onto until they use it? If so, I would say yes, the player holding the card can use it to benefit themselves. The "different player" is different to the one activating the system. It essentially short circuits a single player's attempt to invade a rival's system. And unless it says something about returning the command token, it will prevent the attacking player from invading that system for the rest of the round.


19 minutes ago, cond1024 said:

2- Agenda card: Miscount Disclosed

Use remaining influence.


20 minutes ago, cond1024 said:

Dacxive animators

Yes, you have to fight. (especially if it is your first time at fight club)

If there are no opposing ground forces then it counts as an invasion, but not a ground combat. The ground combat never occurs, and if it never occurs you can't win it.


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