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Yet another Epic 2.0 idea

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This is just something simple I put together to try to make Epic play more feasible with 2.0. All my goal is here is to be able to play casually this winter with friends. 

This is by no means meant to replace the awesome work LawstDragon and others are doing here, it's just what I'm trying to do to make Epic play easy for my friends and I without having to learn or test new rules. I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look at it and make any suggestions you have. :)


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4 hours ago, pickirk01 said:

On break at work, only had a second to glance...

When you say 1 bonus attack...

Say I have a primary weapon that can shoot a second time, Ion batteries and Quar laser cannons.  What attacks can I actually perform in a round?

So I don't have Hardpoints in here so the Ion Batteries and Quad Laser Cannons just don't exist. Basically, I'm making the epic ships be as much like normal ships as possible - the only one bonus attack per round rule is from the regular game and applies to things like the Ghost. 

The Gozanti and C-ROC are just turret primary weapons like a Jumpmaster or something, they attack once per round, no extra frills. The C-ROC could add a cannon and Veteran Turret Gunner for two shots per round. 

The CR90 can only do one attack per round, or two if it adds a Veteran Turret Gunner. 

The Raider can't use VTG since it has no turrets but it has a ship ability that lets it shoot twice. 

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