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Character App Update. (images)

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Hi there guys, update to the character tracker app is now live.  All Tyrants of Lothal equipment and characters have been added, 'Locked crate' and 'missing key' is in the reward section.  i have also finished illustrating another character. Drokatta, (images below)  we have fixed some general bugs, and health errors. I have added a way to view the character power of the hero if you want to browse different heroes to use.  I still have a few more illustrations to complete, but there are place holders in the meantime.  over half way with illustrations. 

Donations can help with getting the images completed faster, as i can hire more and varied artists for images and its not just my art.  Might not be a few updates for a while as my app developer had to move to another part of the country and i need to migrate the system to Game maker studio and find a new developer.  

Download App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dang.daniel.project.ames.ia_charactertracker

Download app: https://www.mikeglasswell.com/app/


Cheers, and thanks for your patience for the 2 to 3 people still following this project.

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