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Travel RPG - outsourcing my Harry Potter games story

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Hi all,

So continuing on from my rambles over in the SW GM forum 


I have since switched settings and therefore crossed to Genesys for our travelling RPG whilst on Holiday in Europe. I will be using @GM Chris harry potter setting

I will be running welcome to hogwarts for my wife and 6yr old daughter, where they will be beginning as first years, set only a couple years after infant harry first defeated Voldemort.

Character gen will be our first session, and done narratively. and I am thinking a bit reversy-styly.

Step 1: Shopping and wand selection at Olivanders: this is where the two will meet.

Step 2: Chatting on the hogwarts express: This will give a chance for them to develop there back story, motivations, and pick their career

Step 3: Sorting hat - where they get housed (archetype). I have stolen some of the questions from the pottermore website


After this, I will run some first lessons in different classes to teach them the basics of using magic/flying etc


And now I am stumped. So now I am asking on you dear GMs, to throw my my way any ideas/ scenes/encounters that would fit this setting. I would probably see only running this an hour or two at a time (6yr old attention span)

She has read up to book 2 in the series, and plays at school with others who have read more, so is aware of the over all concepts of the universe. 

Should I even develop a big bad, or maybe just a couple of annoying bullys from Slytherin and keep it episodic


Anywho, will keep a running log on how this progresses over the 3 weeks, and will put together a a recap and travel guide for others who want to attempt mile-high rpg



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I would only hint at a big bad guy at this point.  Give them a little time to take some classes and get some training. Have them overhear a couple teachers talking about something happening in another city and question if it was [insert bad name here].

Facing off against some Slytherin bullies is a good idea especially for 1st year encounters.

For the flying lessons, once they have a couple points in flying skill, create a small obstacle course made of rings, bars you have to fly over or under and the interweaving bars. Don't go too wild but make it challenging and require 3-4 rolls to see how well they do.  As it's with narrative dice, be sure to really story-sell it with narrow misses or bumps on the head with threats, broken brooms with despairs but if they get a triumph then they broke the current record  or something.

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I'd decide what kind of character you want the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor to be, first. You and your players will spend more time interacting with that character than the big-bad (unless they are the big bad?). I say this because the kind of professor you create can help you decide what kind of threat that year is. In the books, each DADA prof. is tied narratively and/or thematically to the overall plot. Instead of deciding on plot (narrative dice make that tricky sometimes, anyway) decide on the characters they meet first, and then create problems from there.

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Where is this Harry Potter setting document(s)?

I wonder if you could have a little nuisance that needs to be investigated, tracked down, and taken care of*.

* doesn't mean 'killed' per se.

Bats in the belfry (but no ordinary bats).

Little imp, kobold, Gollum type creature kidnapping (petnapping?) familiars, because he has no friends so is 'collecting' pets (and taking good care of them).

A student somehow monkeying with various ball(s) in quidditch as a gambling fixing ring (the gambling ring itself is investigation worthy).


Any of these could involve some investigation using spells (tracking spells, augury/detection spells, etc.), interviewing living paintings and or ghosts and or animals/creatures. Then they have to capture the culprit, maybe via a more 'combative' style like using spells (hold person, charm/beguile), or more social interaction (convince the imp the students need their familiars, but that maybe he can become a familiar sitter helping students care for their familiars and making friends in the process).


Sounds fun (the trip and the gaming). Enjoy!

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