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Production order or bad luck? (Got 2 pairs of same factions decks)

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In order to demonstrate bias, you have to have data that suggests the probability of getting what you have is so remote that being random is a ludicrous possibility. Getting 2 in a row with the same 3 houses is around 3%, so out of the thousands of Keyforge players out there, it's bound to happen quite regularly. But getting 10 decks in a row with same 3 houses is a lot less likely, and would be stronger evidence for pattern over randomness.

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4 hours ago, 10Ten said:

Actually no.


See the issues with Statistics is we don't live in that world.

Sure there may be 11 billion gizillion decks capable, but you know.... There's only what 12decks per box? 10-15 boxes per case? Having 35 cases with the exact same faction distribution isn't even a blip on the 11 billion gizillion possible, cuz statics says so.  Yet how would you feel when someone says "cause statistics", you still feel cheated, because we mere humans don't live in the statistical world

Sure we do, it’s just that our brains aren’t wired to recognize it, they only want to see patterns.

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