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How would you stat this bomb ?

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Hello there !

I am currently working on a new character concept, a female bounty hunter named Kira, who "turn everything she touches into a bomb"  (YES that IS a Jojo reference)

So I would like to create a weapon similar to what Riff Tamson (the shark guy) uses in the Clone Wars show, during the battle on Mon Cala ( at 3:14 in this video ), an explosive with a short blast radius, but a great power against a single target.

Is it described in any of the books ?

If not, how would you stat this thing ? I would go with (dmg 5, crit 3, range Engaged, Pierce 3, Blast 3). I first wanted to give it  Crit 2 instead, given the terrible injuries that it could inflict, but I'm afraid that it would be a bit strong against nemeses (even if you have to reach engaged range first). Also I don't want it to be a knife, but rather something you can stick on the bad guy's armor with a discretion roll.

What do you think about it ?

Also, quick question while I'm at it : does Pierce apply to characters affected by the blast ?



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That weapon is not in any of the books AFAIK. 

As for creating it, I'd probably take the Armor Piercing Grenade from the AoR core book (Damage 13, Crit 3, Range [Short], Blast 4, Pierce 3, Limited Ammo 1) and add the Grenade Cling attachment from Fully Operational. Quick and easy way to mimic the functions of that explosive without having to scratch-build a stat block.

And to answer your other question, yes, passive qualities from a weapon do apply to damage from that weapon's Blast quality.

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