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Terrinoth Bestiary

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2 hours ago, Flobio said:

Here's my first attempt at converting a Hero's of Terrinoth adversary. 

Goblin Archer (Rival)

Goblins are a cowardly but avaricious lot and won't back down from enriching themselves if the odds are in their favor.

Brwn - 2, Agi - 3, Int - 1, Cun -2, WP - 2, Pr - 2

Soak 3 - Wounds - 14 - Def M0/R1

Skills - Deception, Perception, Survival 2, Range 2

Talents - None

Abilities - Dark Vision (when making skill checks, goblins remove up to 2 setback imposed due to darkness), Goblin shot (goblin archer inflict 2 additional damage with successful range attacks on prone or immobilized targets)

Equipment: Bow (Ranged; Damage 7; Critical 3; Range [Medium]; Unwieldy 2); pointy teeth (Brawl; Damage 3; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Vicious 1), grimy leather armor (+1 soak, +1 range defense). 


Really Mean little bugger. Like the bite Thing 😀 if i could make one suggestion would be to add a rank of stealth. Think it need some traps and sneaking. Ofc a GM could just add that 😁

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4 hours ago, Flobio said:

I updated my post. Would it be possible to add it to your document? I really like what you're putting together? I have others I'll post here as I can get to them.

Ofc you i will. Done as a matter of fact. 

New version up. Im nearing the end of the original list so if anyone know of anymore critters in the Terrinoth universe that should be added please let me know :) @Flobio would love to add any other heros you convert. Ill do some formatting next week and clean things up abit i think and bring this project to version 1.0 might start a new thread so that the link appear at the top lets think about that. 

For the river watch riders i ended up doing one that was a bit more horse/mount focus then Baronial knight. The Roc i did not do since the text on page 105 of ROT says. "Throughout history, a number of flying creatures have been
bred and trained as mounts, including the rocs of Baron Hadrian and the Yeron of the Latari Elves" So i assumed these stats where meant to represent any kind of flying mount in the game. 


Project now contains 31 unique monster from Terrionth converted from the Decent, Battle lore or Runewars game

  • Arachyura (rival)
  • Barrow Wyrm (nemesis)
  • Blood Ape (rival)
  • Bone Horror (minion)
  • Broodwalker (minion)
  • Broodwalker Swarm (rival)   
  • Carrion Drake (minion)  
  • Cave Spider (minion)
  • Chaos Beast (nemesis)
  • Dark Minotaur (nemesis)
  • Dark Priest (nemesis)
  • Demon Lord (nemesis)
  • Doombringer (rival)
  • Ettin (nemesis)
  • Fire Imps (minion)
  • Flesh Moulder (nemesis)
  • Goblin Archer (rival) by @Flobio
  • Harpy (minion)
  • Hellhound (rival)
  • Lava Beetle (minion)
  • Medusa (nemesis)
  • Naga (rival) + Mistress of serpents (nemesis)
  • Obscene (rival)
  • Plauge worm (rival)
  • River Watch Riders (rival)
  • Shadow Dragon (Nemesis)
  • Shambling Colossus (Rival)
  • Troll (rival)
  • Volucrix Reaver (minion)
  • Ynfernael Hulk (rival)

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Here's the list of enemies I will be setting up minus named Nemesis. If it's in RoT or CRB I didn't add it to my list. Any preferences to which I should work on next?

Goblin Archer Done

Mountain Giant (My notes: Rival version of Giant, reduce brawn by 2. Weapons - Rocks - Ranged medium, crit 4 damage 4+brawn; Fists - 2+brawn crit 4)

Sorcerer (On your to-do list) (My notes: Rival version of Storm Sorceress, reduce defense, Arcana, cool, disc by 1 each. Reduce Lore by 2. Remove Talent Adversary 1 replace with Lightning (on successful Arcana check all enemies at Short Range receive 1 wound) Drop Blizzard and Squall)

Rat Swarm (On your to-do list) (My ideas Minion version of Scorpion Swarm, agility 1, soak 0, wounds 4, Sil 0, change abilities to "Hard to Kill" - Add 1 failure per mininion alive in the group on attacks against it. equipment Claws)

Cave Spider Done

Dark Priest Done, might convert the HoT version as Dark Acolyte or Nameless Acolyte as rival or minion. Is this a Lovecraft type alien?

Zombie (On your to-do list)

Reanimated Warrior (More powerful Reanimate)

Changeling (On your to-do list - I think I have a SWRPG NPC card with something we can reskin)

Crow Hag (On your to-do list)

Reanimated Archer (I'm thinking re-skinned Stormtrooper minion with undead flavor)

Carrion Worm

Crypt Dragon




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The rate you're churning these out you'll have saved me quite a bit of a lot of legwork I'm doing for my campaigns (which is useful as I'm ambitiously building five epic saga campaign series- one for each of five 'darknesses') as there won't be any Terrinoth beasties left to work out!


If you've got all these that aren't already in ROT or The Haunted City you'll have nailed both editions of Descent!









Monkey god is mentioned but not statted out in the Zanaga section of ROT




I'm already working on the avatars and lieutenants but as these are for the modules I'm crafting so won't be up for a while you can take any of these you fancy having a go at on. They may be the sort of thing gm's would stat and setup specific to campaigns they run though.


There's this lot too: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/runewars-miniatures-game/

Siege Golem (Battlelore)

and anything in Heroes of Terrinoth / Legacy of Dragonholt if unique to those games as I've not got them yet  (I know there's something labelled Axle I think in HoT but it could just be a golem)


If you need any info on minis in Battlelore/Runewars (the original game) I can look in my kit, there may be other entities in older editions/ other Terrinoth games and expansions too (even I've found the odd thing I'd forgotten about) - dig around in FFG's news posts for the games, it's been really helpful for my projects. They often give lore, unit info and so on in these news posts.


Just don't do the ancients from the older Runebound- some of us don't talk about them *cough* off-genre *cough* :)


Finally on mounts, although there's a catch all I think the diversity of mounts lends to some of them having their own specific flavour, especially as RWM is very into mounts- perhaps a way you can stat out a mount as a creature but with a dynamic for how to approach it as a mount.



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On 1/12/2019 at 1:20 AM, Flobio said:

Changeling (On your to-do list - I think I have a SWRPG NPC card with something we can reskin)


Where you thinking of just reskinning a clawdite ? if you have the card would be wonderfull 

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Im swarmed with gaming to at the moment :) which ofc is a good thing. And this time around mostly as a player 1 genesys campaign and going for a all weekend star wars game this weekend in a vacation house near the beach here in Denmark. 

Anyways @Flobio you mention Carrion Worm do you mean Carrion drake ? that one is allready in the document. 

I looked at crypt dragon in the decent wiki http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Crypt_Dragon and honestly cant see why a GM shouldent just use the Feral dragon in ROT. Kinda feel the same with Zombies you could just reskin reanimate but if you want i can make a more zombie themed one give em a Brains ability or something :P

I was kinda 2 way thorn on the siege golem. Should it be a monster or vehicle. Cant really decide. In the end as a GM its a hulking peice of rock with a guy monted on top shooting big crossbows. 

Anyways did a sample as both. Here are the monster one added a note about siege crossbows. Did not add it to the document yet still playing around with stats.  

Mounted allies
A Siege Golem may be used as a mounted ally by rider or gunner. The mounting provides  cover and the rider can opt to use the heavy siege crossbow mounted on the siege golem.

Crossbow, Siege Ranged; Damage 11; Crit 2; Range; Long; Encum 8; HP 4; Price 3,000; Rarety 7; Cumbersome 5, Breach 1, Prepare 2, Slow Firing 1, Limited ammo 3

siege 1.JPG

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Carrion Drakes are a dragon (albeit the type of dragon that may be referred to as a wyrm as they have the snakelike body, drake's an oldy-worldy word for dragon often used for weaker or lesser or less mythical dragons in fantasy), a different creature, http://descent2e.wikia.com/wiki/Carrion_Drake

Carrion Worms are a kind of giant slug-caterpillar-thing-like entity -  these lovely beasties (the ones I've made the final stage of the post-broodwalker etc parasitic cycle, for me corpse bugs lead to carrion worms!)



Ooh, second bit of this below is new to me, see- even I miss good nuggets of info (mine will not always have riders, and as a parasite will target some types):

" Few in the realm of Terrinoth had seen them before Waiqar’s onslaught, but carrion worms have been often spotted following Waiqar’s armies, feeding on the scraps and offal cast off by the fleshwrights who tend his legions. Carrion worms are surprisingly swift for their size and expel gouts of digestive ichor before setting upon their prey with shearing mandibles. Ridden by spear-wielding Reanimates, the carrion worm’s bile melts armor and flesh alike, allowing their riders to strike mortal blows against even the best-defended targets. Carrion grubs may be small, but their digestive acid is no less corrosive. Waiqar’s cruelest carrion worm masters discovered that they could feed the grubs nearly any substance, be it stone or metal or wood. As they grew, the grubs took on some of the properties of whatever they were fed. A diet consisting of chum and flesh would give the creatures a sickly, blood-colored cast, while those worms that feasted on bone would have a sallow, calcified carapace. Some of Waiqar’s most prized lieutenants ride atop carrion worms force-fed copper or even obsidian. Of course, most carrion worms have ingested several unlucky Reanimate handlers, as well. "

from https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2017/5/12/the-grotesque-undead/


Just in case @Flobio missed it my idea:

" Talking of plague and broodwalkers I'm working on a cunning idea for my campaign where some things like carrion worms, plague worms and broodwalkers/ the related bugs are actually different parts of the same main parasitic superorganism creature's (Carrion Worm) life-cycle. Having some fun working on that! A broodwalker is therefore a host for lots of future carrion worms and will eventually become one, I feel their pain - still fleshing this out (pun intended) but the logic of it's working so far. You do not want to be bitten by a corpse bug or have a carrion worm infest you with them, or suffer any of the other unpleasant ways they can get inside you. The idea could get very ewwy!: maggots/larvae, pupae, eggs... Beware in a Mennara game if your GM starts describing your eating a meal in great detail, remembering that moment in Alien! Have toyed with some options like Volucrix Reavers being bugs that don't find a host going on to create food and decaying corpses for the others but I've not finalised things yet. "

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OK I don't have a Clawdite card. They are a PC race in No Desinigration so I'll look into that tomorrow.

@Watercolour Dragon I like your ideas. I really think based on those right ups that there can be minion, rival and nemesis form for Carrion Worm. Here's the "grub" version as a minion. I'm re-skinning a Kouhun from SW-RPG beast card deck.


Carrion Worm (Grub Form) - Undead / Minion


Skill (Group Only): Brawl

Soak 1, WT 3, 0 Defense

Ability: Ichor: If the target suffers wounds from the Carrion Worm's (grub) mandible attack, the target must make an Average Resilience check. The target suffers 5 wounds if they fail, plus 1 strain per threat. Despair means the target must check against the poison again at the start of their next turn. 

Silhouette 0

Equipment: Spine (Brawl: Damage 2, Crit 4; Engaged; Pierce 5), mandibles (Brawl; Damage 2, Crit 3, Range Engaged, Pierce 2)


Crypt Dragon - Undead Dragon / Rival (Re-skinned Young Dragon)

While other dragons hoard items for their great value or shining brilliance, crypt dragons are far more interested in items of great magic or fate. These powerful artifacts have been known to carry dreadful curses and, being disturbed or even used by the Crypt Dragons, terrorize settlements near the tombs and graveyards where these beasts build their hoards.

B-4, A-3,I-3,C-2,W-2,P-2

Soak: 6, WT 23, 0 Defense

Skills: Arcana 1, Brawl 2, Cool 3, Ranged 2, Resilience 2, Runes 1, Vigilance 3.

Talents: Swift (a dragon does not spend additional maneuvers to move through difficult terrain).

Abilities: Flyer (can fly; see page 100 of the Genesys Core Rulebook), Silhouette 2, Terrifying (at the start of the encounter, all of their opponents must make a Hard fear check as an out-of-turn incidental, as per page 243 of the Genesys Core Rulebook. If there are multiple sources of fear in the encounter, the opponents only make one fear check against the most terrifying enemy), Frail (for every 5 wounds add a set back die to it's attack roll).

Spells: A crypt dragon can use any magic actions allowed for the Arcana and Runes skills, and may select additional effects as normal. A crypt dragon hoards the magical crafts of its race, and might experiment with any manner of spell.

Equipment: Fiery breath (Ranged; Damage 8; Critical 3; Range [Short]; Blast 8, Burn 2, Prepare 1), claws (Brawl; Damage 8; Critical 3; Range [Engaged]; Vicious 2).

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Ill add the worm and dragon next week im away for the weekend playing a all weekend starwars game with my regular group driving up to a vacation house in a few hours :) ill see if i have time for some formatting as well and cleaning up the document maybe adding a cover. 

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