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Fourth Annual Star Wars: Armada Vassal World Cup (2019)

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51 minutes ago, Ardaedhel said:

Oh look at that.  Missed the deadline.

Guess that makes my decision easy.  Good luck everybody!

We should start our own, cooler, VASSAL World Cup, only for the people cool enough to be fashionably late.

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1 minute ago, BiggsIRL said:

I... I warned everyone?  Like 3 days ago?

Not your fault. some of us are old and have no real people left to play with most of the time. So as a result not as much consideration for armada. Its us being dumb. :(

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Pod 8 report:  still trying to get our schedules aligned enough to get a game played.

Mandalorian Moose and themightyhedghog might have a game tomorrow morning, and the mightyhedghog and I might get a game in over the weekend...but nothing confirmed yet.  

No word from Rasproteus yet...

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