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So RUDE to quit games ???!!???

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It was an attempt by the OP to justify bad behavior. He probably has had a number of people call him out in Crucible chat about it.

The back peddling of saying that he doesn't do that only came after everyone said no, that behavior is indeed rude and not ok.

When he didn't have a legit argument in favor of his bad behavior he instead resorted to attacking wording used, particularly asterisks. There are plenty of words that are not swear words that get auto-censored. 

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On 12/12/2018 at 8:57 AM, KFMixer said:

Do you quit games, or does it upset you when opponents quit?

I am fine with someone quitting - I've even conceded myself. But what bugs me is when someone just leaves without a word or even conceding. I usually try to wait since I know people can have connection issues or distractions. Once I gave someone like a half hour before I finally logged out and saw they had been playing another game the entire time. THAT is rude.


On 12/12/2018 at 9:46 AM, KFMixer said:

But, there are no stats.  A quit is still a concede in my opinion.  They just didn't hit the button.  If your opponent gives you the win, do you need to insult them or bring bad thoughts simply because they didn't hit the concede button (which doesn't mean anything anyways??).  Granted, my opinion on this might change if stats ever happen on the website, but for now it's just for playing and testing.  If they bring win loss records for decks, then I could see people getting upset, but we aren't there and I doubt that we ever will record wins and losses.

Speak for yourself. Since the game has put casual game tracking on the app, every game I play on the crucible I put into the app a casual win/loss. I'm working to get every deck at least 1 game.

It's how my first horseman deck had a 1-4 record.

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1 minute ago, Wandalf the Gizzard said:

Sometimes the Crucible site will just kick me from games off the pop. I feel bad for my opponent and frustrated at a lost game.

A lot of the time if you refresh the site and click "play" it will return you to the game. You've had a full kick out?

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