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Glorian Underhill

Starfighter Campaign based on X-Wings "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster"

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For the FFG Miniatures Game there was made a fanwork Co-Op Campaign.

Named "Heroes of the Aturi Cluster" where the NPCs got some kind of a AI chart what they would do and fight.


And 1-6 Players could play the different Missions who were linked and also on cards, so could end up a random Mission Order.
Also there was some kind of each Mission Encounterchart with turns when fighters show up, and what number and types of fighters show up depending on the number of Players and their skill level.

So I'm planning to put everything I gather currently in my word document for it to run that mini campaign. Each mission will get an Age of Rebellion Treatment with range bands, environmental issues and tests to achieve stuff.
By reading of several threads on the forum I have already striked some points out who other have made mistakes.

Like restrict all to Pilot Careers, or fly the ships as they come out of the book.
The document is in german. If anyone is interested please write here something and I will share it.

I need to make some tests. Especially on the spawned enemies and their lethality.
And if I put them in Minion groups for easier bookworking.

As for the Map I will go with a standard X-wing map, and will use Range Band markers I used with great efficiency in Warhammer 3rd Edition.


So in a Nutshell what I want to add/change:

  • Either Players have the chance to convert 50% of Damage into System Strain, or the simply get an R7 Astromech, or simply double Hull points on PC ships.
  • Change Y-Wing Ion turret to be shot in 360° as in the X-Wing game and Battlefront 2.
  • New Action: Wingman Support - To put defence dice on a supported target for 2 Turns. Especially needed in some escort missions.
  • Put some Markers on the Player charts. A blue dice for current speed. Shield markers to show where the current shield energy is ie. Front or Rear.
  • AoR Breakdown of each Mission with Turns, Enviroment challenges, Tests, Victory conditions.
  • Put in some NPCs so setup a better roleplay surrounding.
  • Play myself as a PCGM in the ingame role of the Squadorn Leader. Just to set the tone and throw in some citations. Mission Planning, and Screentime is for the PCs.
  • Glue the cockpit killmarkers from Heores of the Aturi Cluster Ship chart onto the hero document. So Players can mark their kills.




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I did have the opportunity to play a couple of games of Aturi Cluster and it was a lot of fun.  

And for an AoR campaign it does seem natural to use Aturi for inspiration.


One of the modifications that I'm working on is to include a shields statistic for some of the ships as appropriate.  I don't have my books, but I'm considering using something like a 30-40 point ablative buffer for most Rebel ships like the X-Wings.  I may want to reference WEG's starship statistics as they were closely related to the eponymous video games X-Wing & Tie Fighter.  

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I got my Squadron together but the revolted to fly only space missions, so we will have some short imtermezzi. Like going on the ground to find the dealer for the information on the sensor network, or recruiting that rebel commando to storm the base.

For the Ground Info I will take the module from Onslaught on Arda 1 where the are on the Sith Planet and put in a meeting of some imperial Aces in the Casino.

Well and I bought a set of these Babies.


Everyone would like to play a round of Pazaak with Baron Soontir Fell. ;)

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How much X-wing do you have?

I'd honestly do it like an old Mechwarrior campaign.  

You've got regular roleplay time and non-starfighter combat uses the rpg rules, but once they're flying use x-wing Aturi Cluster rules


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