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Changing career. New to warhammer fantasy

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My questions are:

What happens when you change career?

Do you get the trappings of the new career or is it just that you can get them easily? 

And finally are there a diffrens if you just advance in your current career path and changing to a new one. 

tnx in advance for the help ^^.

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Just to be sure, you are asking about the third edition rules produced by Fantasy Flight Games? Not the fourth edition rules recently released by Cubicle 7?

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As Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed by FFG doesn't have career paths as such, I have to assume that you're actually not talking about FFGs version. 3ed is easily distinguishable as it has a lot of cards (action cards, talents cards, etc), cardbord tokens and standups. But if you are talking about Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed here are the answers:

When you have completed all career advances (10 XP) you should put one XP in dedication bonus, which gives you one specialization in each career skill you trained during the career. It also means that the character gets to keep the career card. Then you spend the XP to change career, you need to spend different amounts of XP depending on how well the traits of the career you're in and changing to are matching. When the XP has been spent to change career, you take the new career sheet and card (both the large and small). Basically you start spending advances according the new career sheet, and your old career is set aside and not used anymore.  This means that you get a new set of skills to spend XP on, your talent slots might change and so on.

Typical trappings are just suggestions for stuff that a character in that career might have, you don't get the things automatically.

As I said there are no fixed career paths in WFRP3ed, allthough wizards, priests, knights etc. have a series of careers which form something like a career path.

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