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Hida Kisada vs Feral Ningyo

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During a Water Conflict when my opponent has a Hida Kisada in play (and I haven't won a conflict yet), can I use Feral Ningyo's triggered ability to burn through Kisada's text? If so, do I discard the Ningyo or does it stay in my hand?

And with the recent update to the Rules reference, does that mean since it never left my hand, I can activate it again?


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Asked and answered, I see. Thanks for the googling, guys.

And I'm not sure the RR actually changed. They made a whole new section for 'Limits of Triggered Abilities', but the text might have just been moved around basically:

"◊ If a card triggers its ability from a hidden out-of-play area (such as a hand or deck) but does not leave that hidden area, that ability may be triggered again because it is considered a new instance of the card."

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The other relevant text is from "Play and Put Into Play".

The way it goes is like this:

  1. Player A has a Hida Kisada in the Conflict with his card text active.
  2. Player B attempts to play Feral Ningyo into the Conflict from their hand, using the Action on Feral Ningyo
    1. Player B does this by revealing Feral Ningyo during a Water conflict.
  3. Player A's Hida Kisada negates the effects of the text after the "-", which prevents Feral Ningyo from entering into play by its Action.
  4. Because Feral Ningyo is NOT an Event, it does not enter the Conflict discard pile as part of its attempt to use its Action.
    1. While this is not clearly stated in the RRG, it has been ruled that the Feral Ningyo returns to the Conflict hand.
    2. The updated RRG does not prevent this either, since Feral Ningyo is a Conflict card.
  5. Play continues, and Player A takes their action or passes.
  6. Player B may now use the Feral Ningyo's Action again, since it has entered a hidden state, and thus "forgets" it was attempted to be used.

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