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Updated: Version 1 is now available. I play-tested it with my group and made a few tweaks. Enjoy!


After watching the amazing Netflix series and playing through a few of the old games, I put together a Castlevania mod. It's in alpha right now, completely untested but available to check out.


The show really did a great job of showing how much story there is to be had in the Castlevania setting. So why not an RPG approach?


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I actually ran a Castlevania game through all of October, culminating in a grand battle against Dracula on October 31st. If you'd like, I can post most of what I came up with for the game here? Although I do have another thread tucked away somewhere with a lot of the details.

Edit: After reading through what you have, you've clearly put way more effort and time into your Castlevania mod. I love it! Some of our ideas were pretty close, but I tried to simplify as much of what I did as possible so my players and I could get straight into the game (due it it basically being a drawn-out one-off). 

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