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[Portland, OR] Red Castle Games 2018 Regional Report

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The 2018 Regional Championship at Red Castle Games in Portland is live!  I'll be attempting to update this thread as the day goes on (that may prove untenable but here's hoping I can put up a few quick pics at least).

First up, we have 24 players here with 4 using their first-round bye from a Store Championship.

Second, here's a breakdown of our Commanders:


Admiral Ackbar

Leia Organa

Admiral Raddus

General Cracken

General Rieekan x3

General Dodonna x4


Admiral Motti

Darth Vader x2

Moff Jerjerrod x3

Grand Admiral Thrawn x3

Admiral Sloane x4

A surprisingly balanced compliment of Rebels and Imperials, with a fairly good mix of Commanders.  It was great to see Ackbar and especially Leia in the mix as she's a personal favorite of mine, though the lack of Garm made me sad.  I was definitely surprised by the low turnout for Raddus and the high number of Sloane fleets.

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1 minute ago, Maturin said:

Love all the pics!

Thanks!  I don't have time at the moment to put up all the deck lists or give in-depth commentary on the games, but hopefully the pics will suffice.  Speaking of... there are 45 minutes left in round 1 and players are deep in thought.



We've had 1 game wrap up already (8-3 with an MOV of 195).  It was Moff Jerjerrod's triple Cymoons vs Rieekan's aces.  JJ came out on top — for the Emperor!

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Round 1 is in the Jedi Archives.  Besides our 4 byes at 8 points, we had the following scores:

x3 9-2 (MoVs of 242, 237 and 229 respectively).

x2 8-3

x3 7-4

x2 6-5

Those last 2 games were very close.  First there was our Canon Thrawn vs Legacy Thrawn battle separated by only 38 points, and the second we had Cracken edging out Rieekan with a score of 106-102!

Our top fleet so far is a squadronless Jerjerrod list with a pair of Slaved Turrets Arquitens, Demolsiher, ISD Kuat and a Gozanti.

Following closely behind JJ is a Sloane fleet with an Avenger ISD-II, Quasar Fire and Gozanti with a mess of fighters led by Steele and Dengar.

Rounding out the top 3 is another Sloane list.  This one also has a Quasar Fire, as well as Demolisher, 2 Gozantis and 4 TIE fighters paired up with Major Rhymer, Steele and Jendon.


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Round 2 was a bloodbath.  We had x5 10-1 and x2 9-2s out of 12 matches.  However, the overall scores remain close.  First place has 18 points (MoV 497), followed closely by 2nd with 17 points (MoV 504).  Fifth through 15th place are only separated by 4 points (15-11). 

Current 1st place fleet is the Rhymer / Admiral Sloane list with a Quasar, Demolisher, x2 Gozantis, 4 TIEs, Dengar, Steele, Jendon and Mauler.  It has a 17-point bid.

The 2nd place fleet is a no-squadron Vader Avenger ISD-II, VSD-II, Demolisher and Gozanti fleet.  It has no bid.

Round 3 is going to be interesting... 

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