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Force Majeure

Showcase: RZ-2 A-Wing

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On 12/7/2018 at 2:30 PM, SOTL said:

So, the problem I have is that I thought of a squad that was 4 A-Wings and Chewie in the Falcon (it fits, 200pts all naked).

And then I decided to call it 'Porg Squadron'

And now I need to buy 4 A-Wings and paint them up as Porgs.

**** it.

Oh I see a challenger for my Zerg infested rebel A-Wing swarm :D 

(FYI I am totally stealing that Chewie + As list idea, sounds fun).

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The fact that Chewy and 4 As fits exactly in a 200pt list means this was meant to happen.  This makes me want to buy more A-wings!  Of course, The Black Series porgs are only a little bigger than an A-wing.  I could just drill holes in their bellies...


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9 hours ago, SOTL said:

And finally...


Oh dear lord they each have different expressions, that is glorious. As a certain director once said:

"Oh, its beautiful"

You know I have thought of a build with Chewie and 3 A's but now you really got me thinking of using 4...and I still only have 2 right now...my wallet hates this. But I love this. I feel so confused.

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3 hours ago, SOTL said:

Not an A-Wing, but Porg Squadron was missing a member...

Beautiful!  I see that across from me, and I concede right then and there.  I'd spend too much time laughing to be able to play effectively.

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