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Clinker Squadron

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Clinker Squadron

Based on the Mon Cal Cruiser Eventual Syzygy, Clinker Squadron has some of the last of the Resistance’s Incom-FreiTek T-85 X-Wings.  Most were salvaged from spare parts after the loss of the factory in the Hosnian System, and given the rag-tag nature of the rebuilds, the pilots have been allowed to give each ship a personal livery all its own, resulting on one of the most colorful fighting units in the galaxy.  This leads to the crew often being called the Pilots of Polychrome Squadron.



Clinker 6: “Cinnamon Buns”

Pink T-85.  A female human from Alderaan, Lt. Grazik always seems to have something to prove and is known to “steal the shot,” acting on her own impulses and being a poor supporting wingman.  She is not overly popular with her squadmates, but they have to grudgingly admit she’s still a pretty **** good pilot.



Clinker 10: “Hookah”

Purple.  Gerritt Hayes is a Human male from Corulag.  He always seems a bit sleepy and out of it, and says “bombad” a lot.  On the other hand, he is slow to panic, cool on the stick, and the kind of wingman you want protecting your 6.



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Clinker 5: “Tweetey”

Yellow.  Togorian.  Unusually calm for a Togorian, Lt. Sassella Eessee is also unusually small, allowing her to fit (mostly} comfortably in the seat of a T-85.  Once in the cockpit, however, she can embrace her inner Togorian, and is an aggressive combatant.  Whenever FO forces are encountered she can’t help but engage immediately while screaming “He tawt he taw a puddy tat.”



Clinker 4: “Lifeday”

Red and Green.  It just so happened that Garlen Raan’s rebuilt T-85 featured a lot of red and green spare parts and components, so the ground crew just painted the ship to be more of the same.  Couple that with Raan’s first name, and suddenly he was being called “Lifeday,” after the Wookiee holiday.  He takes it all in stride, however, so that he won’t be stripped of his command because of the secret he keeps: to Captain Raan, who is colorblind, the **** thing just looks gray.



Clinker 2: “2Q”

Light blue and Tan.  To match her skin.  Lt. Una Drii is a Twi’lek who joined the Resistance because she wants to be as famous as Hera Syndulla was during the rebellion. Her handle is a complicated allusion to her lekku, since if they were hair she would have two queues, and to rile her up her squad mates call her “too cute.”  While Maybe not quite as good as General Syndulla, she is often jokingly called “Heir ‘a’ Syndulla,” and does fly an awful lot like her {same pilot ability}.



Up next:  "Poodoo."

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Clinker 7: “Poodoo”

Brown.  Sometimes you just don’t get to choose your own callname.  Luckily, Rejiss Killian does like the color brown.  A Human male hailing from Gall, he is one of the newer members of the squadron.  Although not a bad pilot, his inexperience has led to quite a few close calls.  Oddly though, when the poodoo really looks like it’s going to hit the turbofan, Lt. Killian always comes up smelling like roses.



Clinker 3: “Black Market”

Black.  Commander Varra Etsy is the lesser known nephew of the famed Ello Etsy of Blue Squadron.  You can see a family resemblance to their flying, however.  Varra marks all of his confirmed kills on his T-85 with an icon that looks like a package from GalactiSend.  He will tell you, with a wink, this is because his enemies “bought it from Etsy.”


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Clinker 11: “White Noise”

White.  Avvery Vergescu, a novice pilot from Sullust, witnessed the brutality of the Empire first-hand during the Galactic Civil War in his childhood.  Despite his inexperience as a warrior, he does not want to see the First Order become another oppressive authoritarian galactic power.  A light sleeper, he uses noise-cancelling headphones and a white noise generator when possible, earning him his callsign and a paint job to match.


Clinker 9: “Sidewinder”

Sand and Armor Sand.  Pasir Pantai is a Human from Soccoro.  He was a speed-demon as a teen, and often raced swoops semi-professionally, eventually earning enough money to move off-planet.  He dislikes oppressive governments and corporations, so he quickly signed up for the Resistance.  Flying fast ships wasn’t a bad secondary benefit.


Only 3 to go:


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Clinker 1:  “Spaceman”

Gray and Red.  Commander “Spiff” Kaniff is a Corellian pilot who flew a T-65 X-Wing during the Galactic Civil War as well, and often talks about his days running contraband for the Rebel Alliance while flying with old friends from Mercuria Freight and Shipping Company.  He has the most contact with Zepaku, a Wookiee who owns a freighter called the Decadent Parrot.



Clinker 8: “Stinger”

Orange and Black.  Oonsood Heg is a Duros who recently came to Clinker Sqaudron after his old unit took heavy casualties from the First Order corvette Insidious Onslaught.  He’d love to run into that ship again and get his revenge.  Like all Duros, he’s a very skilled pilot in almost any ship he flies, and aggressively pushes his T-70 to the edge of its operating envelope.



Clinker 12: “Beachcomber”

Dark Blue and Sand.  Beale Isoud, a female Mon Cal, is one of the squad’s newest pilots.  Soft spoken and gentile, most of the other pilots can’t believe she wants to be a combatant at all.  On the other hand, they know she will stick with them until the end.



That's no shield ring, that's a space station!!



And that's the exciting conclusion of Clinker Squadron.  What else ya got, @melminiatures? :lol:

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