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Could use some advice for Destiny board Game!

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This is just an idea I’ve come up with. I could use some advice for the final copy. Thanks! P.S. it uses the X-Wing Dice


Objects of the Game- The City, the last refuge of humankind is on its last legs. It is up to the dwindling number of guardians to protect it from the Fallen, Hive, Cabal, and the Vex, the savages of the galaxy.


How to Win- For the City player to win, they must keep the city from falling for 20 turns. For the Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Hive to win, they must have at least one friendly unit in the City and there must be no enemy units in the city until the end of the turn.


Phases- There are there are phases in For the City- the Mission Phase, the Movement Phase, the  Battle Phase, and the Recruitment Phase, in that order.


Mission Phase- In this phase, the player in command of the city may assign guardians to different missions and raids. Only one guardian may be assigned to a mission unless said otherwise. Up to three guardians may be assigned to raids. Missions and raids give bonuses to the city player, allow them to sabotage other players, and destroy key targets that would normally be out of their reach. At the beginning of each round, the city player gains 1 mission card, up to a max of 5 missions cards. If the number of mission cards ever exceeds 5, the city player must discard mission cards until he only has 5. Every time the city player wins a battle, they may gain 1 raid card, up to a max of 3. If the number of raids ever exceeds 3, the city player must discard raid cards, until there are only three.  


The Movement Phase- In this phase, all units may move to an adjacent space on a planet. The order in which units move is decided by speed. The units with the lowest speed go first and the units with the highest speed go last. A unit cannot travel to a different planet unless it has the keyword “orbital.” Adjacent planets are identified by blue lines. To travel to a different planet, the unit must be on a space port hex.


The Battle Phase- In this phase, if there are units of different armies in the same space (a Cabal Psion and a Fallen Vandal, for example), they must initiate a battle. To fight a battle, you must combine the attack values of all friendly units participating in the battle. The combined value is the number of dice you roll.  There are three results on attack dice and three results on defense dice-




Hit- Counts as one damage. If the number of damage rolled exceeds the target unit's health, that unit dies and is removed from the board.


Focus- Does not have any effect. Many keywords and card mention focus results and even more modify them.


Blank- Has no effect.




Evade- Cancel one damage dealt to the unit being attacked.


Focus- Does not have any effect. Many keywords and card mention focus results and even more modify them.


Blank- Has no effect.


Before you roll your dice, you must choose a target. That target rolls defense dice equal to its defense value. After rolling, if the damage dealt to that target exceeds the targets health, that unit dies. The player who has the unit with the highest speed attacks first. If both players have a unit with the highest speed (for example, if the highest speed unit for 1 faction has the same speed as the other factions highest speed unit), the players do a simultaneous attack. This means that they both roll attack dice and they both roll defense dice at the same time. Repeat this process until the battle ends. The battle ends when all units of one faction are destroyed. Instead of attacking, a player may decide to retreat. They can retreat to any adjacent space except for the space where the units they were just fighting moved from to get to the space where the battle was fought.


Recruitment Phase- In this phase, you may use the glimmer you are being supplied by your bases to construct new units and bases. If you are playing as the Fallen, Hive, Cabal, or Vex, if you are constructing a new unit, you may choose the unit you are building. If you are playing as the City, you must draw a card from the guardian deck when you construct a guardian but you may choose to make other units as well. If you are building a base as any of the factions, you may look through your building deck and choose a base to build. Every base provides a certain amount of glimmer. Each base and unit costs a certain amount of glimmer. When you construct a base or unit, you spend glimmer (for example, if you buy a unit that costs two glimmer and you have 4 glimmer, you can only spend 2 more glimmer that turn). All of your glimmer is restored at the beginning of each round. When constructed, units must be placed on a space containing a friendly base. When constructed, bases must be put on a space containing a friendly unit (they may not be placed on other bases).


Starting Bases and Units- Every player starts with a base. Every starting base is drawn randomly from your factions base deck. You may not look at the card you are picking. Once you draw it, you may place it on one of 5 planets, depending on your faction.  If you are the Cabal, you must place it on Mars, if you are the Fallen, you must place it on Earth, if you are the Hive, you must place it on the moon, if you are the Vex, you must place it on Venus, and if you are the City, you must place it on the City (Unless it is the tower space, the city may not have bases on it when it is controlled by the City). Starting units must be placed either on your base or adjacent to your base. The Fallen start with 5 Dregs, 1 Vandal, and Kilix Prime. The Vex start with 3 Goblins, 2 Harpies, and Zydron. The Hive start with 8 Thralls and Crota. The Cabal start with 3 Legionnaires, 1 Phalanx, and Dominus Ghaul.


Destroying Factions- A faction is destroyed when it no longer has any bases left and therefore does not have access to glimmer. To destroy bases, you must have a friendly unit on an unfriendly base at the end of a round. There must be no enemy units on the base. If there are enemy units on a base, the owner of that base cannot place newly constructed units on that base.



I think each each faction will have a faction bonus. The fallen bonus will probably have something to do with glimmer, the hive willl have something to do with swarming enemy units (in other words, it will have something to do with them having 1,000,000,000 thralls). The cabal will choose their legion and the Fallen will choose their house. Also, I could use ideas for new expansions. I’m thinking I’ll do an engram one, a taken one, a awoken one, and one where you can make your own guardian (I’m still trying to figure out how to balance that one) THANKS!!!!🤗

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