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Range on concentrated magic effects

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Hi all,

I'm curious how all of you have handled this issue.  Does the range modifier used when a spell is cast applicable only for the distance between caster and target at the moment of casting, or must it account for any possible future distance if the spell is maintained?  Instant spells are easy, apply the modifier and done, since there is no maintenance, but barrier, augment, conjuration etc. are more complicated.

Simple example,

Round 1 Mage casts augment on Fighter at engaged range and takes cover, Fighter then charges enemy out in Medium. 

Round 2 Mage concentrates a second time and readies his staff for an attack.  Fighter keeps fighting out in Medium.

Does the spell cast by Mage in Round 1 end at the end of Round 2 because Fighter is in medium range, or not at all since Mage concentrated before the spell ended (the end of Mage's turn in Round 2)?

So far we've been working it that the difficulty of the spell must include the maximum possible range that the augment/barrier/conjuration exists at, so for example in this situation, Mage would need to take 2 range upgrades to support the augment into Medium range.  I'm not convinced that's the best route though as it tends to discourage the use of these types of spells since the casters tend to stay at range while the buff targets tend to run into melee.  The spell is difficult enough not to really be cast.  To encourage their use more I'm thinking of just using the range to indicate the distance at initial casting and as long as its maintained via concentration, then there's no further concern for range between caster and target.

How do you guys handle this situation?


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Good question. I have so far handle it that as long as the caster maintains concentration the buffed player can go whatever distance they like kinda. Although i could totally see it working the other way and the barrier or augment was something that happen within range of the caster. 

Would kinda suck using conjured creatures since their movement from you would be rather restrictive. 


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