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Dark Forest Custom expansion

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Sorry Guys, it tooks me longer than I think, but here it is, my custom expansion for Descent Second Edition.

I hope you will enjoy it.

It includes 2 new heroes, 2 new hero classes (Druid and Arcanist), 1 lieutenant (who can evolve), 2 monsters, 1 Overlord class, 1 Search Deck II, 4 New relics, 6 new rumors quests with cards, and 21 pages rules  and 6 Quests (!)

If you find any typo or wish to contact me for anything, please do


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@rugal ... I am very interested in downloading this expansion, as I have been fascinated by your work in the past.

Unfortunately, you are hosting this on a site (SendBox) that throttles downloads, and makes me wait 1 minute to even begin downloading the files.  Despite the fact that I have gigabit connection to the Internet, it will take over an hour for me to download this material.

Why don't you get a free cloud account with something like DropBox, etc., so that we can download this stuff in 1/100th of the time without waiting?

I truly don't mean to be critical of YOU, just the process.  I want your files ... I most certainly do not want it to take a hour to download, when there is no reason for it to be this way.

Just a recommendation ... you may get more people to download it if you do so.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn DropBox and place the files into it.  It will make it much easier downloading it.

I will download everything and take a look, but please note that I am very deep into playing Gloomhaven right now, so it will be a while for me to get to this.

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Congratulations, Rugal! The quality and design of components is top notch. Fantastic work.

I am  keen on testing your expansion as soon as play-testing of the community expansion we are currently working on is finished.
A request: Could you upload a version on the rule/quest book with bleeds (3 mm/edge)?

Some typos and suggestions:

Heroic feat, typo last word "you"
You need to define "target" better. Is it just attacks or target in a more general sense, as sometimes used e.g. for monster abilities.

Hero ability: You need to better define that the action from the hero token, does not count against the standard 2 action limit.
Heroic Feat: Change to "Action: Roll 2 power dice of different colors. Each hero within 3 spaces recovers [Heart] equal to the [Heart] rolled and fatigue equal to the [Surge] rolled."

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Just joined to be able to thank Mr.rugal for his work.

I do not know how balance can it be or if anything could be donde better.  BUT   that helps finishing the unfinished game.

He made an amazing job in general.

I was thinking in all the time spend doing it and gave me a headache :P

As soon as i can try it, i'll leave feedback. It is going to take a bit because me and my group are pretty new and have a lot of material to go :) Promise.


Thanks again from spain.

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Really like the look of this- visually impressive and like the new characters, it's cool being inspired by other characters and minis as this has given rise to lots of ideas I'm working on. Looks amazing too. Neat idea taking inspiration from Red Riding Hood too. Alton Towers has a Dark Forest area and has been an indirect inspiration for some of my game ideas (The fantasy horror legend stuff, obviously not bringing roller coasters etc into Terrinoth, that would be like bringing ancient alien tech units into Terrinoth *cough*FFG*cough*. The Chained Oak is something I want to play with creatively - I love that story and the fact it's based on real old English legend - and there are a few other ideas) so there's a lot of other ideas that could grow from this (like a forest :) , a dark, scary, creepy forest! With such legend reality doesn't really matter- a great story is a great story and fantasy loves implausible legend!)








@rugal Will add this to the playtesting for 2019 list and at the same time help with anything else such as tidying up the writing- I know you've said English write ups are something you could benefit from some help with.


And as with your other projects, are you happy for me to bring this into a Genesys form for Genesys RPG so people can play it as an RPG too (like with the Margath RPG conversion). Got my copy of Runebound 3e now (yay!) and Dark Star and a couple of others are in the postal system (double yay). Also got Runewars Minis core set and some of the other minis and the Trials of Frostgate add on for the app (I may make a trials series of optional tie in quests to go with 'The Bleakest Winter' in my RPG project as it's set in that area, but with different trials to those in the app hence I may also bring these into Descent) so Terrinoth will be continue to be much of my amusement for 2019 and beyond.


First two RPG modules for my own project should be done soon - I'm just making the booklets - so exciting times!


FFG have created an awesome world to invent player content for with Mennara, even the lore book with Runewars miniatures was a nice surprise- has some artwork I'd not seen before and new bits, even things not in the Genesys Terrinoth sourcebook, it's nice as the new finds always feel a bit like finding an easter egg in a game, so a big thumbs up for all things  Terrinoth!


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Rugal, it has taken me some time, but the gang is all here and ready to go. I used Reaper miniatures to represent your new monsters and heroes.


I would like to try the quests soon but I did have some questions after reviewing the rules.

Baba Yaga's Hut

  1. Where is the old tree? It is not marked on the map.
  2. Where is the objective token representing the cauldron placed. I assume it is in the hut.
  3. The wrong advanced quest card is listed in the Rewards section
  4. I could not find the "Unsensible" OL card in the drop box files

In Search of Youth

  1. The Old Tree is not marked on the map
  2. Totem Place is not marked on the map
  3. Quest starts with dark monster trait. Is this ignored until the sunset during the quest.
  4. Does Baba Yaga exit the entrance?
  5. I could not find the Wrath of the Pack OL reward card

Shuar's Ritual

  1. Flavor text is repeated from the first quest
  2. Ruins not marked on the map
  3. I assume the river is 2A but it is not marked
  4. Old Tree tile is not marked
  5. I could not find the Nature's Fury OL card

I have not taken notes on the ACT II quests yet.

Thanks for your work. I look forward to trying it out.

Dan Howell



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Hey Dan,

I wouldn't have choose thoses, but they are great ;)

I've added a new file with Overlord rewards cards, it was indeed missing.

My mistake : I had created tiles at first and then removed then to use only base game tiles and I have forgot to change some

On Baba Yaga's hut :
- The reinforcement should be on the Entrance
- The cauldron should be in the Hut, yes
- Not sure If I precise it but figure shoud use the open puzzle border to enter the Hut.

In search of youth
- the old tree is no more, it should only be spaces marked with an X
-The totem place should be the lake
- Yes, the dark trait is ignored until the rule state otherwise, except for choosing monsters

Shuar's ritual
- I forgot to add a white token as the old tree. Should be on top left near the 2 search token
- River is 2A, yes
- Ruins should be the 9A

I'm a bit busy right now but when I have some time, I will make thoses changes. Thank you for your returns, hope you will like it !

Edited by rugal

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