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Scenario progression

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Im going to be running my second game of AH3 later today and was wondering if people ran the scenarios in a certain order.  We did the introductory one first..so what should we play next?

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I find the lear-to-play quick-start scenario (Approach of Azathoth) to be the hardest, albeit most straightforward, of the 4 scenarios.

I’ve had the easiest time with The Devourer Below.  It’s also has some of the same story beats as the Night if the Zealot (the LCG’s intro scenario), so it holds a special place in my heart for that as well as being the only scenario that doesn’t have Anomalies.

The other 2 (Echoes of the Deep & the Twilight one whose name escapes me) I’ve found to be of about the same difficulty.  I like the Twilight one more, for story reasons.

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