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Buffing the Super Mutant and Synth Traits

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So I’ve found the Super Mutant character rather underwhelming. Here you have a mountain of mutated muscle, but he just gets xp for reducing his health with rads? 

To make him a stronger and more thematic character, I’ve given him the trait of getting 1 additional Strength reroll when applicable, such as Strength-related tests and weapons. 

In addition, I'm giving the Super Mutant trait in general the ability to gain an additional Strength reroll when applicable, since you can become a super mutant via side questing. The XP perk will be exclusive to the starting Super Mutant character, but at least you can get some kind of perk being a Super Mutant.

In that spirit, I've also given the Synth trait the ability to gain an additional Endurance reroll when applicable. This way these traits do more than just offer up different quest options.

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The wastelander is by far the worst starting character. The tire iron is laughably weak by turn 3, and then she's got no inherent ability. I'd like to give her the ability t add 1 to the level of any wilderness encounter she makes as a boost, and perhaps make it so that high level monsters don't have the aggressive trait towards her.

The super mutant has a pretty simple play style, but unfortunately his ability is best in the early game, yet hard to trigger until the late game. I've seen players get huge leads with him when there's radiation between two key areas, and I've seen him be just as bad as the waste lander when there's no convenient radiation until halfway through the game.

To buff him, I'd like him to get an inherent ability to lowr his radiation - making him into a sort of red zone explorer. Something along the lines of "when you defeat a level 2-3 enemy, lower your radiation level by 1-2 respectively". Dangerous, but very thematic and useful for a big ol' brute.

Conversely, the vault dweller is absurdly powerful; double armor and drug resistance off the bat? Yeesh. I'd rather his ability stated "you may equip a second armor piece; your armor value is equal to the higher of your two armor values.

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