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Getting Started with Got 2nd Edition

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My friend has been collecting and we have played the game, so I have some understanding of the game, however I now want to invest into my own collection and build my own decks as we plan to get a bit more involved in the game.

My question is with the introduction of the new "faction introductory decks" and all of the sets that have come out, has the recommendation for what to get changed since launch.

Looking back at the archives about discussions it seems that most recommend 2 or even 3 core sets, but that to me seems like a bit of overkill for me since I'm only getting into the game to buy cards for myself (I don't need to worry about covering a second player).

I'm also quite specific about what I want to play with. Stark/Baratheon. 

What would you guys recommend for starting off a collection to build some decent decks for casual play for a new player coming into the fold today?

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