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Competitive Team Variant: Faction Warfare

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For those wanting a competitive experience for 2 or 4 players, this variant is for you!

Building off of New California’s cooperative scenario, many of the same rules will be used with a few twists to support opposing teams:

-Any scenario can be chosen except for New California.

-At the start of the game, gather 1-2 Freedom and 1-2 Security Agenda cards based on either 2 or 4 players. Shuffle the cards together and randomly pass 1 card to each player. The revealed card for that player determines what faction they’re playing for. This card is placed next to their board to show their faction allegiance, which will remain the entire game.

-The Agenda deck is used the same way as New California: use all Agenda cards and do not draw cards during setup. When a player gains an Agenda Card they must immediately discard it and resolve an effect based on the card’s name: (their faction): advance their faction’s token 1 space; (opposing faction): move opposing token back 1 space; (other): choice of effect

-When the Agenda deck is exhausted, neither faction token will be moved, deck is passed to the right of the first player to begin a new round.

-Faction Token Activations: If any faction tokens would activate via an agenda card, follow these rules:

• Move the token toward the nearest opposing survivor or faction token on the map. Survivors take priority if there is a tie.
• If a faction token is able to attack an opposing faction token, a fight ensues between them.
• A faction token’s number of attacking hits is equal to its power. Increase by 1 if it has a ranged ability and its opponent token doesn’t.
• A faction token’s defense is equal to its power. Increase by 1 if it has an armor ability.
• If a faction token’s power meets or exceeds its opponent token’s defense, the opposing token is defeated and removed from the board.
• If both tokens would be defeated, remove only the token that wasn’t activated by the drawn agenda card.
• If neither token would be defeated, both tokens remain on the board. 

-If a character is killed, the opposing faction advances 1 space. Players cannot attack each other.

-The faction that reaches the end of the power track first wins!


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