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GM Hooly

THE DICE POOL PODCAST - Q&A: Terrinoth Reminder

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Here is a few

I know ffg cant comment on future releases that has not yet been announced and so cant tell 
us if more Terrinoth things are coming. But if the Tim's could decide on their own 
would they prefer to make more Terrinoth stuff or new settings ? and do they prefer to work 
on supplements or full on adventures ? 

Could you ask them what they run in their home games ? 

Terrinoth is a setting book but also gives us many tools for adding to our own campaigns regardless of setting. 
Was there any thought to this in the design process that in many ways as much as a setting book it expand the tool kit for fantasy settings ?

And a final runes question. Using the runes skill one must use a rune as a implement. Are there any limit 
to the magic action associated with the rune so could an Arcane rune be used to curse ? or a wanderers stone used to attack ? 

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