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Sergeant Zakiel and stunned creature

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Hello Archons,

If I play Sergeant Zakiel (Sanctum) next to a stunned creature, and choose to ready and fight with said stunned neighboring creature:

a) Does the creature just lose the stun?

b) Does the creature lose the stun and fight?

c) None of the above/something else?

Thanks Archons!

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Hello Adanaz,

The effects of "sergeant Zakiel" would ready the target "creature"  It would not remove the "stun" as "sergeant Zakiel" Play action does not state that it does.  Therefor the target creature would be readied if it was exhausted but it would not be able to fight as it is still stunned. 

Thank you,

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Not to belabor the point, but just to leave this as a reference in case other people search this for answers.

The relevant information on this correct answer comes from the full rulebook, "Glossary" under "Stun, Stun Status Card". The following is the pertinent excerpt.



The next time the creature is used, the only thing that happens is the creature exhausts and the stun card is removed. It does not reap or fight, and any “Reap:,” “Fight:,” or “Action:” abilities on the creature do not resolve.


So any time you "use" the creature, even in response to a card telling you to execute one of the ways to "use" the creature, it will simply remove the "stun" effect without actually executing that use.

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