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Undead Pez

No play down range because of online requirement

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So after looking through the first couple of pages, I see a lot, and I mean A LOT of references for failure to load, rules violations, stuff like that. My issue always comes up as a foot note in conversations. No offline capability.  I first played 1.0 while I was in Afghanistan, a country remarkably lacking in wifi and compatible cell signal. During my two years (two tours) with the 10th Mountain Division, we played a lot of games. D&D, Warmachine, Warhammer, but my favorite was X-wing. Ordering ships online took time to arrive, but each one was a new and exciting addition when we only had limited entertainments. But that time is over. If I get reactivated, I won't bother packing my ships, because I can't put the internet in my rucksack, too. Online only is just the worst.

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