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Stat this weapon: the lightsaber rifle!

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On 11/12/2018 at 12:32 PM, HappyDaze said:

Oh, this is definitely going into my "Proof: Disney Canon Is Just as Bad as Legends" file, right alongside the helicopter saber. Just wait until they hybrid those two together...

And you would be wrong. Again. XD

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I'd take the T-7 ion disruptor or the Proton Rifle's overcharge option and bump the numbers up a few points. 

In the long description I'd say:

It can only use Standard Lightsabers, no doubles, shotos, ect.

Allow it to run out of ammo on 2 Threat, destroying the lightsaber hilt and crystal.

Once a lightsaber has been used as ammo for even one shot it's rendered inoperable as a lightsaber ever again, including all attachments and mods (though the Crystal may be salvageable on a Hard Mechanics Check)


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Nearly a year old topic, but I'm planning on statting this for a homebrew campaign set a couple hundred years after Endor that might incorporate this.

Lightsaber Rifle

Ranged (Heavy)
Damage: Same as lightsaber used for ammunition
Range: Medium
Critical Rating: Same as lightsaber used for ammunition
Encumbrance: 5
HP: 2
Rarity: 10 (R)
Price: N/A (Custom Made)
Qualities: Same as lightsaber used for ammuntion. All Defensive, Deflection, Cumbersome and Unwieldy Qualities are brought to 0. Sunder Quality is removed. Limited Ammo 6, Blast 2, Concussive 2. Can only use basic lightsabers as ammunition. 

Specials: Each shot damages lightsaber used as ammunition by one step. After the second shot, the lightsaber's attachments and mods are damaged beyond repair. When the lightsaber reaches the "Destroyed" state, it can no longer be removed to be usable as a regular lightsaber again, but is still able to be fire an additional two shots before needing replacement. Lightsaber crystals may be recovered from the used saber ammunition with a Daunting Mechanics check /// As a maneuver, may Overcharge rifle, so long as one shot remains in the lightsaber. The rifle will explode with the lightsaber with a blast radius of short,  Damage 20, Breach 2, Blast 6. The rifle and the lightsaber are both destroyed in process.

Going to be fine tuning this as I go, but this is just a rough draft based off of what the comics showed as well as adjustments to what I think would be fitting to such a unique weapon.

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