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Gorgemaw and the Rippers

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ThuUk Tar and Gorgemaw [42] 1x1
Fearmongers Whip [5]

Grasping Coils (5)

Lunging Terror (3)
Total Unit Cost: 55

Viper Legion Archers [18] 2x1
Aim of the Serpent [2]
Total Unit Cost: 20

Spined Threshers [48] 2x2
Scuttling Horror [3]
Total Unit Cost: 51

Flesh Rippers [38] 2x2
Moment of Inspiration [5]
Dead Sprint [4]
Total Unit Cost: 47

Berserkers [16] 2x1
Corruption Rune [4]
Bannerscamp [4]
Total Unit Cost: 24


Total 197


I wanted to present a list and get some feedback.  This evolved from my test last Tuesday that mostly amounted to throwing the new 2x1 and Gorgemaw into a list.

The basic premise is simply to maximize Lethal damage off of Gorgemaw and Fearmonger's whip.  Grasping Coils prevents shifts and reforms with units he is engaged with, while Lunging Terror gives him Impact Blue.  So the basic idea is that an enemy will hopefully have a panic token already (Corruption Rune, Spined Threshers, and Viper Legion can all potentially generate), and then the Impact makes the opponent at least have two if not three total panic tokens, with the idea of setting up the attack next round.  Any panic icon on Gorgemaw's attack is then turned into another panic token via Bannerscape, and if the opponent rallies it off, they still get a panic token back thanks to Bannerscape.

After looking through everything in the Uthuk inventory, it didn't seem to me like there was much outside of Flesh Rippers and Moment of Inspiration that would really benefit from taking a wound to receive an inspiration, thus their inclusion.

Beyond that, I like the versatility the 2x1 Viper Legion with Aim of the Serpent provides.  Plenty of targets will already have a panic token, so your damage stays constant, and you change panic to something else that might be useful.

Deployment:  Archers--Zerkers---for certain.  Threshers then Rippers mostly.  Gorgemaw has Scout so he can go down last to ensure he's at 5 of the Rippers and in a good position to coordinate with them.

I also also specifically building for 4 capacity terrain.  Nothing above 4 trays means that everything can interact with both Kethra's and Gorgemaw's terrain.

Played two games against Daqan today with it.  The first game, I really messed up my deployment and early movement, and consequently Gorgemaw arrived too soon and got taken down.  In the second game, my opponent messed up deployment.  In all, I found the Zerkers as an interesting utility piece.  They don't really want to run in and engage, they want to keep providing their Bannerscamp and Corruption Rune for as long as possible.   I did succeed in stacking 2-3 panic tokens on Gorgemaw's target.  Wherever he's at, he really has to make an Impact or you're likely to lose.  You're paying about 10 more points for him than other heroes, so he's got to be good.

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