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Bayushi Shunsuke

The future of FiveRingsDB

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As you all have probably heard, /u/Alsciende is stepping down from maintaining FiveRingsDB. At this point thank you again for all the work you have put into the community. When it came to the question who would be the next one to maintain it, we had a group discussion with /u/ModernTenshi04 and /u/FuzzyLog1cZA and we collectively decided on the following points:

  • We want to open source fiveringsdb so anyone can contribute and we can work together to get a better platform that fits our needs

  • 5rdb is in written in php. While this is fine, we all are more proficient in C# and like static typing, so we want to build a new backend in C# while still running and maintaining the old one, until the new one is ready. We are not thinking of breaking anything in the API unless really necessary. We already set up the new project under https://github.com/fatihi/fiveringsdb.

Feedback is welcome! We have a discord where we discuss everything we are doing and planning to do. In case you have a question, idea for improvement or you just want to listen to what we are doing, join us here: https://discord.gg/KTzwDG5

We'd like to end this by thanking Alsciende for his tireless work over the years. Starting with NetrunnerDB and ThronesDB, he's been generous and diligent, and we are all deeply grateful. Good luck to him in his future endeavors!



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The above message was written by the new development team. I have just copy/pasted.

With the technical side of things out of the way (I'm not involved in any of the above), I'll add a bit about the rulings.
There is no plan to change things at the moment.

If you get a ruling from FFG, please submit it here.

If you find an incorrect, or missing, ruling, please PM me.

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