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Something Strange - a modern horror setting (updated)

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I believe this to be in a fully usable state. You should be able to use this to run a modern horror campaign. However, I'd still love to get some feedback. I've made a good handful of talents here for some supernatural PCs and I would like balancing opinions. I'd also love ideas on more talents that anyone may have that fits into this.


Edit: Updated link with new version. Now includes a bunch more vampire talents and a few adversaries tossed in.

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You, Sir, are insane! This setting is great, the layout is fantastic and I like the idea of Tier 1 Supernatural Talents for Werewulfs, Vampires, etc.

It enables to actually advance a character during the story progression and let him become or even discover his sinister secret … does the character know, he is actually the werewolf the party is looking for? What about his nightmares … are they really just that? 

I can already image the players' faces when they discover that the monster is right in their middle - a friend. How will they deal with that? Find a cure? Kill him? 

Ohhhh. Your setting gets some nice ideas going in my head … thanks for sharing it! :) 

P.S.: the character sheet! Fantastic! Yay! ? 

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On 11/18/2018 at 6:31 AM, thedonnie said:

I see that there are plenty of Werewolf talents but not that many for Vampires. Some seem that they could fit both. That is my only real critique.

Yeah, I still have work to do. Fae Blood needs love too.

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