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Any rules for ships bigger than Grand- or Battlecruisers?

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okay, i am GM-ing RT for years now. same group, even same chars. about 30k XP. I "only" gave them about 80 PF, a grand cruiser and a Battlecruiser + some friggs and transports. (a total of 25 ships) Due to good decisions, some awesome RP-ing and generally good fun we have, i wanted to provide them with something truely awesome, namely a Battlseship. Characters are taking care and defending 7 systems by now, and have often chosen to drop some profit to increase loyalty, and living conditions of their subjects. i like that. it is a good group and they have been hit hard often. so now it is time to give them something realy good. 

question is: anybody got some stats or do i have to make this up myself?


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