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Nobody Expect the Spanish Inquisition! Top Crab at Worlds.

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Dynasty Deck (40)
 Holding (9)
3x  Funeral Pyre
Conflict Deck (40)
 Event (30)
3x  Banzai!
1x  Censure
3x  Charge!
3x  Court Games
3x  For Shame!
3x  Hurricane Punch ///
3x  Let Go ///// /
3x  Rebuild
 Character (10)
3x  Stoic Gunsō
2x  Tattooed Wanderer ////
The main idea of the deck is to have a Satoshi out early, get a lot of keepers and holdings in the discard, and revive and sacrifice the keepers as much times as you can. If you also have the Yasuki Broker, the deck is almost unstoppable, and laboratories are the muscle of the deck. Skirmishers are great for getting those keepers out or taking key provinces, or those big, final pushes onto the enemy SH. But with this deck you will have to adapt to what you get, a lone Envoy charging a witch hunter can also be a great first round!

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On 12/1/2018 at 4:56 PM, Mig el Pig said:

The link keeps redirecting to some social media page.

Is it possible to read somewhere else?

Is not a social media page, is FiveringsDB, a deck builder/cardDB/Rules reference webpage. 

You can register pretty quickly, and then  access Pablo’s deck in the site, which has the upside of having a detailed explanation from him. 

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